because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Waste Solutions to be trialed on Acton Street, Swinton Street & Swinton Place

A Camden Officer announced that they will retry Wednesday and Saturday collections (household waste and recycling) in Acton & Swinton Street and in Swinton Place. They also said they will engage their enforcement and education teams and speak with some of the hotels to see how they can help them.

Eleven addresses are going to get trial bins. Residents with these can feedback on their usefulness and also can change them, for example, if rather than a non-recycling waste black wheely bin should be changed to a green wheely bin. We have a list of the addresses of the trial (get in contact if you like to see it).

For changes of bins (say a black wheely bin) into a green recycling wheely bin contact 020 3567 8105 or email

For Feedback on the trial bin roll out contact

Where space of an address allows (space for teh safety of residents and no steps for teh safety of the bin collection staff ) wheely bins can be ordered here. WC1X-South of Kings Cross has been told that residents inside the Congestion Zone should click that they do not live in the Congestion Zone, as the policy of no wheely bins in the Congestion Zone has been updated.

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