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  • Wheelie Bins delivered! Hopes for some improvement on waste at Kings Cross.

    Addresses in Swinton Street, Acton Street and Swinton Place at Kings Cross WC1X have finally received wheelie bins from Camden council. This looks like a small ordinary and thing to most areas, but at King’s Cross is in fact a major development that took the best of some five years or more in the making. […]

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  • Note to all on Rubbish and Recycling

    NOTE TO NEIGHBOURS ACTON STREET ABOUT THE RUBBISH AND RECYCLING Meeting with the Camden Director of Environmental Services, Richard Bradbury On 14/2/2020 On Thursday I sent Mr Bradbury a list of eight opinions by different residents with names and addresses removed,  all taking different angles on the issue. On the following Friday, we walked through […]

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  • Recycling and Waste. What Locals say

    This is what Neighbours said: I have been using the Cleanup Camden App and tried to comment to Camden but my email got bounced back. I’ve been away so just realised. Anyway, my suggestion is something as they do in Brighton.  In order to tackle seagulls accessing rubbish for tenants in a similar situation as […]

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  • To all Neighbours

    TO ALL NEIGHBOURS   Re Waste, recycling on ACTON ST, SWINTON St. Dear neighbours,   I hope you are all well.  As you may know, there are issues with our waste/rubbish management.  The council has sent out a letter to many in the area, which you may have seen.   Problems in the area started when […]

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