because South Eastern Kings Cross, London, is a place where people live and work!

Petition to reduce increased train noise

Our all neighbour Adrien Lemoine who lives on Acton Street has started a Petition for the increased noise coming from the non-tunnelled sections of the tracks between Farringdon and Kings Cross / St Pancras to be addressed.

Adrien who lives close to the tracks has noticed a significant increase in the noise, which may have been noticed also by others.

He calls for TFL to address this. More information can be found in the petion at the below link.

Some people may have seen this notice in their letterboxes already.

One response to “Petition to reduce increased train noise”

  1. Tfl have been responsive to me and are coming to my home to measure the sound levels. I haven’t seen the letter as I am not in the UK. Could you please post a copy of it

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